STAPEL was founded by veterans of the business, non-profit, government, and technology spaces, with a vision to restore balance in technology between functionality, cost, security, and control.

Nathaniel Breitbach
Nathaniel Breitbach | Founder

Nate comes from an entrepreneurial household. His parents have owned their own businesses his entire life. He grew up in an environment where hard work, bringing value, and treating people the way he would want to be treated helped lay a foundation forming his vision for STAPEL. He started his professional career in late 1999 helping to turn his parent’s business around, which is where he began to understand the value of technology in streamlining process and scaling operations for organizations and teams and has been doing that in one for or another since that time for hundreds of organizations.

Chancellor Ellis | Advisor

Chance Ellis is an advisor and responsible for assisting in the engineering, design and development of the STAPEL Platform. He has over 20 years of professional experience implementing enterprise class networks and virtualization systems. His experience spans educational, financial, service provider and government markets. He has a passion for open-source projects and advocates the benefits of open-source when appropriate.

The STAPEL Vision

STAPEL is an approach to technology for organizations that want the benefits of the cloud, but the control of your own solution. The focus is on simplicity, security, completeness, availability, and performance. It is an approach for any organization looking to harness the power of being a Cloud Enabled Organization.

STAPEL was born from the promise that technology was going to make our lives easier. We see an ever increasing complexity playing out as technology is becoming super specialized. There isn’t a day that goes by where we see yet another app that will help us solve a very specialized problem. While there are advantages to the pace of this kind of innovation, it’s not all positive. The cost and difficulty of keeping up with the the latest and greatest solution to your organization’s problems can be problematic in itself.

“We grew up in an age where privacy and ownership were valued. You hear today that nobody cares about privacy, because convenience and lack of friction are more important for most people. Well, we do not believe they are mutually exclusive.”

It means that as technology professionals, decision makers, and business owners, we are increasingly met with complexity, data management challenges, and lack of control over essential tools to run our organizations. Not only that, just to have the fundamental capabilities to run our organizations, we have to go to an army of solutions and experts to take advantage of all technology has to offer.

We know there is an easier way. The Cloud is nothing more than the ability for your information, your people, and your clients to interact from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The ability for your people to communicate, share information, manage your clients and constituents, buy and sell your products and services, and share the value you bring to the world should be simple, secure, and complete. And it can be.

There is one other principle that drives mission. It is not just about building the tools to bring your people and processes together to accomplish your organization’s goals. The trend we’ve noticed in today’s “cloud” environment is the increasing loss of control over, and risk to, your information. It is here where we believe the opportunity exists for you to have the best of both worlds. The wonderful benefits of cloud technology and the privacy, security, and control that should come with ownership of your data in this information age.

Large cloud service providers are not short on touting the benefits of their cloud platforms, and we do not disagree with those benefits. We just know that the functionality those products offer are not unique and do not require you to “move to” their solution.

We personally grew up in an age where privacy and ownership were valued. You hear today that nobody cares about privacy, because convenience and lack of friction trump privacy for most people. Well, we do not believe they are mutually exclusive. You can have both and we know that given the choice that we could have both, we would jump on that opportunity in a heart beat.

You CAN get the convenience of communicating with your community anytime, anywhere, on any device, without the prying eyes of the sales and marketing execs selling your preferences to the highest bidder. You CAN have the security and control over your customer data, while offering the convenience of a personalized experience that is accessible to your clients from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. You CAN offer a community experience for your customers without subjecting that community, and its trust, to the automated bots mining conversations for clues on what to sell its members next.

We know this to be true and we know it can be easy for you, no matter how technical (or non-technical) you may be. This is the Mission of STAPEL. 

The Cloud is NOT a Place

The cloud is merely a capability. It is the capability to access the network and its resources in an always on, available from everywhere, and from any device, state of being. The Cloud is NOT a Place.

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