The cloud enabled organization

Software has transformed the Internet into this “thing” we call The Cloud.

Being Cloud Enabled allows your organization to be capable of ANY device, ANY time, and ANY place  access to your information, employees, and customers.

It does not mean you have to go somewhere and give up control, security, or your bottom line.

ANY DEvice

We mean any device. If your application cannot be accessed and used from a phone, tablet, laptop, thin client, or desktop. It's not Cloud Enabled.

Any Time

Employees and Customers expect to be able to access your products and services when they need it. Not when your office hours start and end.

Any Where

To Scale what you do, you can't be tied to a physical location. Your employees and customers need to be able to get plugged into your organization securely, regardless of where they are physically.

Cloud Enabled

For these three elements to become reality network, infrastructure, software, and people need to come together in the right way.

This is the STAPEL WAY.

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