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General Frequently Asked Questions

We like to think of STAPEL as the glue that ties essential cloud enabled applications for organizations together in a neat, turn key solution. It can be easily deployed by businesses, organizations, or individuals. It is flexible enough to run on your own hardware or in a hosted environment. It can even allow businesses and organizations to host for other businesses and organizations. We think that’s pretty cool. By default, we’ve curated a handpicked collection of essential tools that we know all successful organizations use, and therefore need. These solutions are built-in by default and fully integrated. This is what gives you the control, privacy and security of having your own cloud enabled solution.

Cloud Enabled refers to your organization having the capability for your employees and customers to interact from anywhere, at any time, from any device because your technology toolset is capable of providing these features. For additional information, check out our in depth discussion here: https://stapel.io/cloud

This depends on a lot of factors, but can range from 3 weeks for small organizations of less than 10, to several months for larger organizations.  The STAPEL Platform is typically up and running fairly quickly, it’s getting your data into it, your team trained, and people using it effectively that takes the bulk of the time. This is why we include basic on-boarding services as part of our setup engagement. We also have additional services for more complex deployments where there may be customization required or large data sets that need to be translated.

The honest answer it depends on your goals as a business or organization. It is only required if you want to grow and scale your organization. If you are content with the systems and solutions you are currently using, then there is no reason to Cloud Enable your organization.

The real question is whether you, as a business owner or technology decision maker, want to simplify your organization, while at the same time growing your reach and ability to adapt to the changing expectations of your employees, customers, and partners. For now, this new paradigm is only going to continue to become more dependent on technology and the ability for people to engage on their terms. This is what Becoming Cloud Enabled is all about.

Product and Service Frequently Asked Questions

Our internal mantra is “Built-in By default.” This means that our solution has almost everything your business needs to run as a Cloud Enabled organization. For a full list of features, please take a look at our STAPEL Features Page. Here is a summary:

  1. Single Sign-on and full integration
  2. Complete End to End Encryption of all components
  3. Calendaring and Scheduling
  4. Communication, including audio, video, chat, email
  5. File Sharing
  6. Online Office Document Editing, including co-editing.
  7. Website and Marketing
  8. Full ERP Capability
  9. Disaster Recovery Capability (Genesen)

Some businesses and organizations have very specialized software that is only available through certain vendors. We understand this and so we are working with vendors and customers to extend our platform to have the potential to integrate with as many systems as possible. The power of the approach we’ve adopted is that it allows for the community to continue to develop and extend the platform. In addition, we offer project based consulting services to develop a solution for your specific application.  

One other thing we’re a big fan of, aside from simplicity in acquiring and deploying your technology, is simplicity in the pricing model. We’ve built the pricing model to be the MOST streamlined pricing model we’ve ever seen.

First, we are on a quest to #EPUPM. Ending Per User Per Month pricing is one of the foundations of the STAPEL model. We do not charge for the software capability, and therefore, there is no need to charge per user per month seat pricing. I know this is very popular with “EVERYONE” but we’re going to be the odd one out on this.

In fact, we’ve decided to create a new pricing unit we’re calling the STAPEL. I know, clever right!! Here’s how it works. You tell us how big your organization is, how much data you currently have across your technology stack (We have a tool to help with that), and the type of business or organization you are, and we provision your STAPEL Platform with enough STAPEL power to get started. Then, as you grow out of that capability, you can add more STAPEL. This per STAPEL Per Month (or Year at a discount) is closer to a capacity metric for storage, memory and compute, which is the real cost.

It will save you time and money in the long run. In particular, it will help you get up and running  in the platform much faster. Additionally, it is a safeguard against making long term decisions that might be detrimental to the success of your business in our Platform.

It depends on the complexity of the environment. The typical rule of thumb, however, is that it is about 3 days per 20 people, with a max of 1 month for larger organizations. The items that extend the time frame are number of sites, travel, and overall infrastructure complexity.

As we mentioned in the Pricing Model FAQ, we price our solution based on what is Called a STAPEL. There are two pricing models:

  1. STAPEL Hosted – We host on our hardware, either in our datacenter or on your premise, for qualified clients.
  2. Client Hosted – You host on your STAPEL approved hardware platform.

For additional details, please see our pricing page.

Support Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do include support for any issues you are having with the platform. Including any hardware provided as part of the service offering. Hardware support is not included for any hardware not provided by STAPEL, or one of it’s affiliates.

Community support is available for organizations hosting their own STAPEL environment.

There are two ways to contact support if you are subscribed to one of the STAPEL services:

  1. From the customer portal by submitting a ticket request.
  2. Via email at support@STAPEL.io

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In the meantime we’ve posted links to community support for all of the projects we include as part of the platform.

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