We believe these benefits of the Cloud and the advantage of maintaining privacy and control are NOT mutually exclusive. It just takes the right mix of technology, vision, and principle to put together a solution that gives you the best of both worlds. Let us tell you about it!

The Problem

The cloud has solved several problems. We now have access to our data from anywhere. There are applications for just about any conceivable capability need. We no longer have to worry about those pesky servers and keeping them maintained. We still need devices to connect to the cloud and reliable internet, but those two have [mostly] been solved. But it’s not all great. The Cloud has some ugly secrets and it's introduced a significant problem. One that is more important than most people realize.

When you move to the cloud you give up control. Control of your DATA and PRIVACY. You’ve handed over two of the most precious assets of your business, organization, and/or personal life. It may not be readily apparent, but we can assure you, one day it will be undeniably obvious.

We understand it “appears” the convenience of the cloud outweighs these seemingly less important privacy and control concerns, after all, you have nothing to hide, right? But would you publish the credentials to your bank account online? Or what about your conversation with your significant other about a problem you’re having with one of your children? Did you know the government can come and request access to your data without your knowledge and the provider is not legally allowed to tell you about it? In today’s politically charged climate, this adds a significant risk of severe violation to your private business and personal information. One day this will cause you significant harm professionally and/or personally. But it doesn’t have to be this way. And don’t even get us started on the real costs of the Cloud

What We're Doing About It

Some final notes...

The project will be released as a Pre-alpha version 0.1.0 on Github in 2023. When it is released, we will also provide community resources around the project for those that would like to test and contribute to the project. To stay up to date on progress we encourage you to check back here, follow us on social media, or sign up for our newsletter below for updates.

Thanks for your interest in the Stapel Platform, we can't wait to get this project out to the world.

Best Regards,


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