Most Managed Service Providers will hide their pricing behind the premise that each client has a unique set of requirements, and therefore providing pricing would be pointless since the final proposal will reflect each client's distinct needs.

While in principle this is true, it doesn't change the actual price of something, merely the combination of prices and quantities.

At STAPEL, we value our client's time and do not care to insult them with a game of cat and mouse just so they can have an idea of what it will cost to do business with us. We are completely transparent and even allow customers to shop online for our services. For us, it's about making your experience as easy and seamless as possible, which is why we post our pricing below. While this is not an exhaustive price list of our services, it will get you started on the most common ones.

Simply click on the categories that interest you to see related pricing.

When you need high quality, responsive support for your technology environment, the Stapel Managed Services offering is the perfect solution to keep costs under control and your technology humming.

To protect your internal infrastructure, it is vital you have full copies of your most important machines stored securely offsite and updated regularly. This ensures you can recover from disasters we all hope never happen. Make sure you're protected if this ever happens to you.

The internet is full of opportunity and an amazing amount of information. Unfortunately, it has its dangers as well. Making sure your network is protected from threats so you can safely take advantage of all the great things the internet has to offer, starts with securing your key network services.

Traditional Phone systems are dead. You need Voice over IP capability so you can support remote workers, integrate with systems and processes, and lower overall communications costs. This has to be done while maintaining a voice presence for your organization or business. Stapel's VoIP solutions can do just that.

Remote Work and Collaboration requires the ability to meet safely, securely and privately on line from anywhere. Stapel offers a solution that does that without governments and companies spying on your internal conversations. Make the move to Secure. Private. Meetings.

While we can't put everything we offer on a single page, you'd be here all day and we would get sick of duplicating our price list that can already be browsed on our store. Here are a few more key services we offer which may be of interest.


If you're ready to get started, great. We've made it easy to partner with us by shopping online for the services you need. Head over to our online store to browse our products and services and begin your journey to restoring your privacy and control!


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