Control your technology destiny.

In today’s marketplace,  employees, customers, and partners are expecting anytime, anywhere, any device access to your organization. You have to make it easy if you want to survive.

We put together an easy three step process to help you get started on your journey to becoming the technology superstar everyone expects. 

Simply follow the steps below to start.


Self Assessment

The first step in almost anything we do as humans is to assess where we are.

Asking the right questions and thinking about the things that lead to success are the essential first step in solving any problem.

To get started, take our Technology Health Self-Assessment. You can then take this to your technology provider, or schedule a free review with one of our team members. It's fast and easy.
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Review with Us

The questions in step 1 should have you thinking about the key things that help you become cloud enabled as an organization.

When you're ready to talk to someone about your self assessment and get some ideas on what you can do to move in the right direction with your use of technology, schedule a free review. We would love to help.

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You Need a Plan

When you're ready to have someone help you solve your current technology challenges, let us help by creating your specific plan of action.

Your organization is unique and needs a set of steps tailored to you. We will develop the specific path and help you execute your plan.

Build Your Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Tweet

Step 1: Take the Free Technology Health Assessment

Let’s first establish a baseline for how cloud ready your technology environment is currently. Click on the Technology Health Check Survey below to expand the form.

This is so we can email you the results of your survey for your records. This information is not kept by STAPEL in this website. A copy of this survey will be sent via email to a secure email address for reference should you decide to schedule a follow up call.
Please provide the Legal Name of your Organization or Company.
If you would like us to follow up, please provide us with the best number to reach you.
Please Check all boxes that apply to your organization. If you’re not sure what the option means, don’t worry, there’s an “Additional Notes” section at the end of this health check.
Please provide any additional notes or questions regarding the check list above.
Above, please take a moment to provide some detail on the things that are working really well in your environment. These are things that should not be eliminated or messed with in any way. Try to provide some insight into why they work so well.
Above, please take a moment to provide some detail on the things that are not working very well in your environment. Things that need to stay, but be improved or replaced with a different solution.
Above, please take a moment to provide some detail on the things that are missing from your environment all together. These are the things that you know you need, but are just not sure how to go about getting them implemented or what to use.


We understand you might not be comfortable filling out a form online, particularly if you’re not sure who we are. We can appreciate that. Feel free to download the assessment and get back in touch with us when you’re ready for Step 2!

Step 2: Schedule a Free 30 Minute Review

Now that you’ve completed the quick Health Check Survey, let’s schedule a 30 minute time period to go over that survey ask you a few questions and answer any you have.


Take the time you need. If you need to talk to your colleagues, we completely understand.

If you just have more questions before scheduling a time, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking below and sending us an email. We would be happy to answer your questions.

If you haven’t seen our page on what it means to be a “Cloud Enabled Organization” check it out when you have the opportunity.

And if you’re curious what other people are asking go to our FAQ Page for some common answers.

Step 3: Get a full cloud inventory

Once you’ve decided STAPEL is right for you, the next step is a full inventory of your systems, processes, and infrastructure. This will help us develop the plan to get your organization completely Cloud Enabled.

When you’re ready to become a Cloud Enabled Organization, purchase a full cloud inventory for your customized plan.

Full Cloud Inventory

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