The STAPEL Vision

To build an approach to hardware, software, and configuration best practices for organizations like yours that want the benefits of the cloud, but the control of your own solution. We focus on privacy, simplicity, security, availability, and performance.

STAPEL was born from the promise that technology was going to make our lives easier. In realty we see an ever increasing complexity playing out as technology is becoming super specialized. There isn’t a day that goes by where we see yet another app that will help us solve a very specialized problem. While there are advantages to the pace of this kind of innovation, it’s not all positive. The cost and difficulty of keeping up with the the latest and greatest solution to your organization’s problems can be problematic in itself.

As technology migrates to "the cloud" it means that as decision makers, business owners, and technology professionals we are increasingly met with complexity, data management challenges, and lack of control over our data and the essential tools to run our organizations.

In order to Solve this problem, Stapel focuses in 5 main areas to bring technology back in your hands. Our Logo was designed to represent each of those areas. Click on the bars to the right to learn more.

We grew up in an age where privacy and ownership were valued. You hear today that nobody cares about privacy, because convenience and lack of friction are more important for most people. Well, we do not believe they are mutually exclusive.

The STAPEL ecosystem is an attempt to fill the knowledge gap and bring control back to you, the users, business owners, and decision makers.

We know there is an easier way. The Cloud is nothing more than the ability for your information, your people, and your clients to interact from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The ability for your people to communicate, share information, manage your clients and constituents, buy and sell your products and services, and share the value you bring to the world should be simple, secure, and complete. And it can be.

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